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Motorcycling Australia’s Ridernet App
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Motorcycling Australia’s Ridernet App

It's FREE and available now!

Motorcycling Australia is pleased to announce the arrival of the Motorcycling Australia (MA) App, now available for download. The MA App provides members and officials with a convenient digital format to view their rider profile, scan and renew their licence and access Rider Net. 

The MA App is free of charge! The MA App is designed to provide competitors and Officials with a convenient digital addition to hard copy licences. Offering members and Officials a digital hub on mobile devices to access their membership, view their rider profile, renew their licence and access direct licence messaging. 

A main benefit of the new MA App, is the avoidance of completing a licence declaration at events, should hard copy licences be miss -placed. Members who do not present their hard copy licence currently require undergoing the license declaration process that includes an administration cost. However, downloading the MA App will avoid the declaration process and associated fees entirely. 

There are over 20,000 MA membership hard cards currently in circulation and hard copy licences will continue to be produced and sent to members and Officials. However, the introduction of the MA App coincides with predictions of future licencing trends heading towards more digitalised platforms. 

Motorcycling Australia CEO Peter Doyle is excited by the launch of the MA App, adding; “It’s great to see that the Motorcycling Australia App is available for download for our members and Officials. Now they have access to a user friendly and convenient digital hub for their membership and license, in addition to their hard copy." 

The App is now available on iTunes and Play Store for your iOS or Android device.

The iOS app is available via the membership profile as per below or online

The Android app is available Via the membership Portal or online at 


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