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2017 SA Off Road Championship - Round 2 - Competitor Information
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2017 SA Off Road Championship - Round 2 - Competitor Information

SAORC CLUB 4day Perpetual Competition

Round 2 - 4th June

ENDURO Information on the event & rundown  


First, please read the Enduro and Reliability Trials section of the Motorcycling Australia 2017 Manual of Motorcycle Sport (MOMS) rulebook.


The SAORC Supplementary Regs have additional information over and above the MOM's rules as listed above.



What! Your MA licence is in my wife's wallet” is not a valid excuse for you not to have it at sign-on! No documentation – no riding!!



Sign on starts on Saturday 3pm to 4.30pm 3rd June and

Sunday 6.30am to 7.30am 4th June



Saturday – Seniors Only - 5pm at sign on tent – This is not compulsory but we will allow more time for questions on the running of the day especially for Rookies We recommend you attend.


Sunday 7:45am 8:40 at sign on tent Compulsory all riders (Senior Riders that go out first need to be dressed ready to ride)


After trophy presentation Juniors will have their Compulsory riders briefing separate from the seniors (Note: as a senior rider you will not be able to attend the Juniors riders briefing)



Scrutineering will be held on Saturday 3pm to 4.30pm 3rd June and Sunday 6.30am to 7.30am 4th June. Your bike must also be nice and quiet – Noise Limit as per Supp Regs and some bikes may be noise tested during scrutineering. You fail and you will have to fix it on the spot, by close of scrutineering, before your bike is allowed to be entered into the event.



You need to bring many things to scrutineering! You will need:


1. Scrutineering Accreditation & schedule (from sign on)

2. Event Time Card (from sign on)

3. Your helmet & boots

4. Your bike, complete with your riding number on ALL three plates


So, you are signed on and your bike has passed scrutineering – what next?

Sunday ONLY scrutineering ALL bikes will be impounded IMMEDIATELY straight after-

Your bike will NOT go back to the pits. This is a restricted area and once impounded, you cannot touch the bikes. Here they will stay until the race starts, out in the open, out in the paddock area.

Bikes that are scrutinised on Saturday need to be put in the impounded area on Sunday no later than 7.30am  IF YOUR BIKE IS NOT IMPOUNDED BY 7.30am THERE WILL BE A PENALTY OF 60 POINTS PER MINUTES THAT IT IS LATE

All bikes may not be covered, nor have the pipe plugged in any way. Rain, hail or shine, it's the same rules for everyone, everywhere at any major Enduro!



All riders will be issued with a schedule so you know what time you start and when you are due at the time control throughout the day. This schedule will tell you about the course, how many kilometres each section is (so you can estimate how much fuel you will need), how long you have to travel between time controls and what time you will finish. You will fill out your event time cards based on this schedule.

You will have an “Enter Parc Fermé” time on your schedule. This is when you go into the impound area and pick up your bike. DO NOT START YOUR BIKE, nor work on it at all!. At the “Work Area” time on your schedule, you must wheel your bike to the morning work area where you then have 5 minutes to work on your bike.

You will then be asked to wheel your bike to the start area where you will be instructed to take your place on the “start line” - four bikes start per minute. YOU MUST NOT START YOUR BIKE UNTIL YOUR START TIME COMES UP – i.e. when the flag drops on your grid. Yes, your bike will be cold ( that is part of the event - the “cold start test”) but   have 1 minute to gently warm up your machine and pass the 20 metre line under your own motor, before you are off on your transport section!

It's a good idea to arrive at the Parc Fermé early and watch how the Club Team Trophy Riders go through the start process so you can get an idea of the procedure. It's easy when you see how it works!

DURING THE DAY – TIME CONTROLS AND SCHEDULED TIMES (see also time cards and schedule example next page)

Note: time control = control = time check = check point = TC (different terms for the same thing)

You may only be re-fuelled in the pits (Parc Fermé) and you must always have an enviro mat whenever you replenish any liquids on your bike – even when you oil your chain!


There are 2 types of Time Controls – service (Parc Ferme) and NO service (no parts, tools, fuel or oils can be supplied). The start of a Time Control is marked on the course by seeing white flags. No service - Time Controls- will have white flags with a black cross on the flag.

The white flags are about 200m from the time check part of the control. Your supporters are between the white flags and yellow flags. Yellow flags are about 20m from the time check (where you present your card when leaving the Parc Ferme). There is a display clock at the yellow flags to let you know what the time is. Green flags mark the end of the time check and you are back on the course. Please familiarise yourself with this layout.


The time on your schedule will determine how long you will have to replenish at each time control. E.g. If you arrive between the white and yellow flags at Control 1 at 9.50 am and your schedule lists your time at Control 1 as 10.00 am, you have 10 minutes to fill up and eat. Your schedule time is when you PRESENT YOUR CARD TO THE OFFICIAL AFTER THE YELLOW FLAGS TO LEAVE the control, not when you arrive at the control.

If you are EARLY or LATE to leave you will incur a time penalty. E.g. If you leave Control 1 at 10.05 am and your schedule lists your time at Control 1 as 10.00 am – you have lost 5 minutes. You will incur a five minute penalty PLUS you must remain on the amended time (5 minutes late) at every control thereafter for that day.

If you lose further time this day e.g. you leave Control 2 at 11.10 am instead of your scheduled 11.00 am. (and taking into account you must stay 5 minutes late because of Control 1), you have now lost a further 5 minutes and now must remain 10 minutes late for the remainder of the day.

You may lose up to 1 hour on the day and still remain in the event – otherwise you “hour-out” and will have to stop for this day. You may apply to restart the event – check the MOM's rules and COC on the day.

As you leave each Control you will be required to supply the officials with your time card to have your leave time noted on the card. Please try to keep it clean and dry and not down the side of your boot. Check what time the officials write on your card and if you have any queries, ask the officials to note it on their master sheet and then move on. Do not hassle the staff on site, there are procedures and ways to approach these hiccups after the end of the day's ride!



Time cards look something like this example below and are something every rider is required to fill out. (From the official time schedules) and carry with them at all times whilst on the course (you will receive your card at sign on) these are your checklist throughout the event. Make sure you put your name and rider number on it ASAP so the card can be easily identified as yours! You would be surprised how many people do not do this basic function and it makes it difficult for the scorer's to know which card is whose if there is no name or number on it. You hand your card in at the Final Control at the Parc Fermé at the end of the Day. If you happen to not finish the day, hand your card into the nearest Time Control staff so they know that you are safe and accounted for.

If you lose your card, ask the time control staff for a new one. They will fill in your number and the arrival time at the time control. They are not responsible to fill in other information for you.

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