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It may be said that Motorcycling South Australia (MSA) came into existence shortly after the turn of the century with the foundation of the first motorcycle club in South Australia in 1911 and named it, if not imaginatively then certainly appropriately, the Motor Cycle Club of SA. Its formulation was probably inevitable given that Adelaide Oval had begun to host motorcycle racing only a few short years previously.

Until 1952 all motorcycle sports in South Australia were controlled by the Motor Cycle Club of SA. In September 1952 the Auto Cycle Union of SA (ACUSA), the precursor of MSA, was formed and this organisation, which affiliated to the national body, became the controller of motorcycle sport in South Australia.

ACUSA was incorporated in 1967 and changed its name to Motorcycling Australia (SA) Inc. in 1991. In 2002 the name changed get again to Motorcycling South Australia Inc (MSA) and qualifies as a non-profit association and accordingly is exempt from income tax.


MSA has affiliated clubs in metropolitan Adelaide, as well as country clubs as far widespread as Mt Gambier, Port Lincoln, Ceduna and Renmark. It continues to be the sole governing body of motorcycle sport in South Australia, and currently consists of 42 affiliated clubs.

Each club provides a Councilor to represent it at MSA general meetings. MSA through its Councilors elects a President, Vice President and two Board members at each alternate annual general meeting.

Under auspices of MSA, each sporting discipline is represented by a Sports Manager which, in turn, has its national counterpart in the form of MA Commissions. Representatives at state level are elected by the affiliated organisations. Each Sports Manager generally meets with a group of Consultants on a monthly basis to determine the direction of their discipline.

As the governing body of motorcycle sport in South Australia, MSA prepares annually a calendar of projected open sporting events for the forthcoming year. These events area allocated to the various clubs according to their applications and availability of dates. There are on average 120 calendared events conducted each year, and considerably more on an ad hoc basis.


Motorcycle sports which are governed by MSA include Speedway, Motocross and Supercross, Road Racing, Road Trials and Enduro, Dirt Track, Quads and Moto Trials; this governance also includes special provision for junior (4-16 years of age) and historic competition.

Another group in MSA that are not directly involved in competition but which provide an integral and essential supporting role include the South Australian Flag Marshals Association. SAFMA is not an affiliated organisation but works tirelessly to support the MSA sanctioned meeting in South Australia.


  • Co-ordination of competitive meetings at club and state level with the facility for progression to national and international levels of competition
  • Access to government funding for a multitude of purposes such as the training of coaches, coaching and development of motorcyclists at all levels including those in elite athlete courses, and filling staffing requirements
  • Access to MSA-owned facilities such as ACUSA Park in the Adelaide Hills
  • Access to all levels of state and federal government
  • The strength of numbers where numerical representation may be significant in terms of effecting particular outcomes
  • The strength of the backing of a National Sporting Organisation; and one of the most important points:
  • Access to public liability insurance cover which is affordable because its cost is shared by a large membership.