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Licence Fees:


Motorcycling Australia & State Bodies - 2018 Licence Fees

Category Price
Senior National $325
Junior National $299
Senior Restricted National $240
Junior Restricted National $145
Mechanic $75
Recreation Licence 1 $135

*Please note that State Controlling Bodies may charge a manual licence processing fee


Licence Categories

As a beginner you are likely to obtain either of the following two categories of licences. These licences are offered at both junior and senior level. To purchase a One Meeting Licence, Juniors must have their Junior Coaching Logbook with them.

National Competition Licence:  This authorises the holder to compete in competition events for 12 months from the date of issue.

One Meeting Licence:  This authorises the holder to compete in one competition. 

The holder of a junior licence must be aged between 7 and under 16 years. For safety reasons juniors must not compete against seniors.

Most competitors will begin by competing in "closed to club" or "interclub" level events.  

"Closed to club" events are only for members of that particular club.  Club level meetings are a great place to start as most of the information that you need to start out you will learn from members and the officials of your club. 

"Interclub" events are events where a club has invited another club or clubs (maximum 6) to come and participate at their venue.  In this circumstance the interclub event is open to members of the host club and members of the invited club/s.  

Once competitors have gained enough confidence they may then consider riding in "Open" meetings.  These events are open to all National Licence holders (One event licenses are not available at this level of event) and are generally frequented by a larger number of competitors.  Open events include State and National Championships.


Upon application for an annual licence junior members will have their current "endorsement" printed on their licence. An endorsement is the level to which that competitor may compete, i.e. Sally Smith rides an 85cc 2 Stroke machine in motocross, Sally's licence will be printed with OR85(2)150(4), this indicates that Sally can participate in "Off Road" (Motocross, Minikhana, Dirt Track, Track, Trials & Enduro) events on either an 85cc 2-Stroke machine or a 150cc 4-Stroke machine or a machine smaller in capacity where her age allows.  If Sally upgrades her bike to a larger capacity or changes discipline groups (as outlined in the Manual of Motorcycle Sport) she will need to obtain a new endorsement and have that updated on her competition licence prior to being able to participate on that machine in that discipline group.

Endorsements are also applicable for some senior licenses, these requirements are outlined in the Manual of Motorcycle Sport.

Your licence is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Please take notice of the expiry dates on both your licence and club membership and renew accordingly when due.


You must take your licence (and Junior Coaching Logbook if you are a junior) with you to any race meeting at which you compete, as you will be required to produce a copy of it to the event officials. If you forget your licence you may not be able to race!

How do I get a licence?

You don’t need a competition licence to be a member of a Club, but you will need one if you wish to participate as a rider or sidecar passenger in any competition. 

The quickest way to obtain a licence is online.  By clicking on the buttons to the right of the screen (current member login if you have a licence already or new member login if this is a first time application) you can arrange your club membership and licence online right now.  Some of the restrictions here are that junior members must have completed their Kickstart or coaching and the coach must have logged them as having completed the appropriate course, also if your club is not taking advantage of the online memberships option available to them then you won't be able to proceed, unless you choose a club that is listed. 

If you have medical insurance, make sure that it covers you for the cost of ambulance transport. If not, you must join an ambulance scheme as the cost of ambulance transportation is very expensive and in most cases is not covered by medicare and is not covered under the Motorcycling SA insurance. Remember motorcycle sport can be dangerous and although we stress safety you may one day need the services of an ambulance.

It also is recommended that you check all your insurance policies to ensure that you are covered for racing your motorcycle rather than just riding it in a paddock or on the road.

There are a number of accident policies available to cover racing situations. It is recommended that you investigate insurance cover which will protect you from the loss of your earnings if you are injured.




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