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The express purpose of Minikhana motorcycling is the development of riding skills and techniques for junior competitors by providing an organised competition, where skill, rather than speed is the determining factor.


Minikhana is a competition where aside from fun,the emphasis is on skill and rider control, not so much on speed. Aimed at Children aged 4 years to 15 years old, (adults can have a lot of fun too!) the aim is to build skill levels and confidence in riders as they move towards other motorcycle sports.

Using a number of skills-based events in specific areas using witches hats, tyres and ropes, riders can compete in a range of challenges.  Combined with a mini cross race or a mini trial, the events teach children technical skills and how to ride safely and exercise control of a motorcycle.

There is a maximum of four riders competing at any one time in all events. This makes riding and learning new skills far less intimidating when starting out and all participation counts as coaching time for their Competitor Log Book - just see an Official and get your Log Book signed off at the end of the event. 

Minikhana places a big importance on family fun. Brothers and sisters can cheer the riders on while Mum or Dad will get involved as Flag Marshals, Scorers or Officials - loving every minute of it.

Good sportsmanship is always emphasised with riders encouraged to congratulate each other after every event.

All Riders must have an MA Competition, Recreation or Mini licence to ride. 
Parents sign on each rider on entry and then it's off to scrutineering to ensure each bike is safe to ride.

Depending on the number of entries, the groups will split into their event areas based on age, bike capacity and skill levels. 
There are plenty of different events to keep you busy. Some have funny names, but they all involve a huge range of skills. Events have names like....

  • Orange
  • Clover
  • Bending
  • Weaving
  • Slow race
  • Ring return
  • Ring bending
  • Mini cross, Mini Trials or Mini Enduro
  • No footing clover
  • Start and park
  • O-ring relay
  • Accelerate and brake

Where would you fit into the mix at a Minikhana?

Class                                            Age
50cc Auto(non-competitive)  4 years to 7 years
50cc                                      7 years to 10 years
65cc                                     7 years to 12 years
85cc                                      9 years to 15 years
85cc big-wheel                      12 years to 15 years
80-100cc miniwheels           7 years to 15 years

What You Need
Once you have a bike and are ready to ride, you’ll need to wear some appropriate safety gear.
As a minimum you will need...

Helmet – Australian or International Standards Approved
Body Armour
A long sleeve shirt or jersey
Non-combustible pants - i.e. riding nylons

If it all sounds good then get involved!
Contact Motorcycling SA on 08 8332 9000 for more information 
or view Coming Events on this website for entry details.

Adapted from an article by Matt Bernard of Dirt Action Magazine.

To see what Minikhana looks like head to the link below to see what Minikhana WA have been doing over the past 12 months. 


Motorcycling SA are in the process of establishing the first home of Minikhana at the new Junior Development Park at Wingfield. This park will have dedicated Minikhana fields as well as a Mini MX track for all levels of riding. To find out more about this park and the development, head to the Junior Development Park Page