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The range of motorcycle sports is wide and diverse enough to satisfy almost any taste! Choose from activities for motocross flyers, junior riders, dirt trackers, speedway sliders, enduro fanatics, high speed road racers, historic racers, and moto-trials experts.

Sports Managers- 


If slamming whoops, carving berms and flying high over jumps is your idea of fun, then motocross is the sport for you. Motocross is one of the more physically demanding forms of motorcycle sport that really tests the limits of both body and machine. Motocross is run on tracks man made or natural terrain and produces fast, close and exciting racing.

SA Motocross Series Page:


If racing cross country through tight bush trails and fast open tracks appeals to you, then you should consider enduro riding. It's a case of rider and bike versus the elements in events ranging from casual trail rides to Australian Championship events. Many enduro events have standard requirements, registered and adequately silenced motorcycles, clothing and licence requirements.

SA Off Road Championship Page:


Junior rider development is the future direction for motorcycle sport. In fact, many past and current Aussie champions began their racing careers in junior motorcycling. Thousands of riders throughout the country have proven that you can never be too young to start! Junior riding is family oriented. Juniors are aged from 7 years to under 16 years, although some age limits apply to certain disciplines - these are as follows:

Speedway - 9 years for solos, 11 for sidecar rider, 9 for passenger.

Supercross - 12 years of age.

Road Racing - 9 years of age.

Dirt Track - 7 years for solos, 11 for sidecar rider & 9 for passenger.

Mini's (Under 7's) are Non - Competitive in NSW. Therefore Mini Licences are not to be used for racing. Mini licences are issued to riders aged 4 to 6 years of age inclusive.


The express purpose of Minikhana motorcycling is the development of riding skills and techniques for junior competitors by providing an organised competition, where skill, rather than speed is the determining factor.

Road Racing

Road Racing is booming thanks to the exploits of Aussie riders Mick Doohan, Daryl Beattie, Troy Bayliss, Troy Corser and Anthony Gobert on the prestigious Grand Prix and Superbike circuits. There are many different categories of Road Racing, from stock standard production machines right through to the exclusive GP machines, Superbikes, and Harley Davidsons.

Historic Racing

Old motorcycles were never designed to sit in the corner of a garage or shed gathering cobwebs and rust. Today, many have been restored to their former glory and are actively competing in historic racing. If you've got an old bike you'll certainly find a class to suit riders of most ages and machines of almost any vintage.

Dirt Track

This is yet another branch of motorcycle sport for the off-road enthusiast. It's conducted on closed tracks that can be oval or kidney shaped and surfaced with graded dirt or grass. All you need to get started is a suitable motocross bike or more specialised dirt track machine called a slider, a set of treaded or universal tyres, and the appropriate riding gear.


Supermoto racing combines the high speed grace of Road Racing with the action packed drama of Motocross-style dirt track racing. A Supermoto bike can be built with minimal expense. Even better, riders can compete in Enduro or Motocross events and still turn up and ride their bike at a Supermoto meeting.


For any rider daring enough to ride a bike without brakes and hardly any suspension. With experience - and if you are brave enough - you'll enjoy the adrenalin rush and explosive action of sliding around a fully fenced oval circuit. Both solo and sidecar racing is available. Clothing - full one piece or suitable jacket & trousers, gloves, a back protector, boots with ankle and calf protection. An approved and correctly fitting helmet which must carry the AS 1698 label and be in good condition. You'll need to join a Speedway club and apply for a MA licence.

Moto Trials

This is one part of motorcycle sport where speed isn't important. Rather, it is the skill demonstrated by the riders in overcoming different obstacles without stopping or allowing the feet to touch the ground. The typical Moto Trials machine is light and nimble, and it's simply amazing what the top riders can do with their machines

Reliability Trials

A historic term that dates back to the early years of the 20th century when cycling equipment was less reliable. The term also refers to motorsport events and are similar in concept. Riders take on tough off-road competitive sections timed to the second, linked by easy transport sections.

Rather like rallying, where drivers and their vehicles or riders and their motorcycles, must complete a designated course within a set time limit without recourse to outside help along the way.

Solos and Sidecars ride for over 6 hours, sometimes in the dark and the main aim is just to finish. All spare parts and tools have to be carried from the start. Reliability trials are a true test of the skill and determination of rider and passenger. Thorough machine preparation is vital as these Trials can be won or lost in the garage. Public roads are used, meaning all machines must be registered and roadworthy plus all riders require a civil licence.