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Coaching can be one of the most rewarding jobs one can have within the sport of motorcycling.

Coaches ensure that our next generation of motorcycling stars are instructed correctly and are more than capable of mixing it with the best Australia has to offer.

With the introduction of the Junior Coaching Program in 2006 a greater emphasis has been placed on coaching and with that it has meant there is a greater need for accredited Motorcycle Sport Coaches.

Registration for Coaches course: ONLINE FORM


10.1 COACHING BACKGROUND Motorcycling Australia (MA) is recognised by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) as 
a National Sporting Organisation (NSO). As such, MA is able to register its coaching courses for accreditation
 under the ASC’s National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS). MA is in the process of developing a third 
level of accreditation and is currently working towards having all levels of coaching accreditation formally 
registered under the NCAS. The NCAS aims to:
  1. Increase confidence and competence in coaching ability,
  2. Increase understanding of coaching principles and sport science, enabling
    a more in-depth approach to coaching,
  3. Encourage the development of innovative coaching techniques,
  4. Improve communication skills of coaches,
  5. Provide a credible education and training process to attract members,
  6. Increase the number of trained coaches,
  7. Provide recognition to coaches.